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Smart Business Solutions is a leading company with a dedicated team committed to establishing a reputable standard. Our services include tax preparation, credit repair, insurance, legal aid, and notary services across multiple locations. We believe in investing in people and individual empowerment, working with those who have visions and plans for their future. With an open-door policy, we welcome input and improvement from both within and outside the company.

Our goal is to serve the community by ensuring timely tax refunds and protecting our customers' interests. We value and respect every customer equally, treating them with utmost courtesy. To secure our customers' information, we adhere to IRS guidelines, implementing 24/7 camera and alarm monitoring, locked doors, and cabinets. Additionally, we provide audit protection, identity theft protection, and restoration for all our customers. At Smart Business Solutions, safeguarding your interests is our top priority.

Our Team


Behind Our Company

Dr. Shonda Love


Dr. Shonda B. Love, CEO of Smart Business Solutions, is a dynamic leader driving success in tax preparation, accounting, insurance, legal aid, notary public, and SBS Credit Services. With a passion for financial empowerment, Dr. Love's strategic vision has positioned the company as a one-stop solution for clients seeking excellence in comprehensive financial management. Under her leadership, Smart Business Solutions exceeds industry standards, providing unmatched expertise and commitment to client satisfaction. Dr. Love's dedication continues to propel the company to new heights, making it a trusted partner for individuals and businesses alike.

Carlos Love.png

Amber Bodwin

Executive Assistant 

Meet Amber Bodwin, Executive Assistant at Smart Business Solutions. With her exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail, Amber ensures the smooth operation of our business. She is dedicated to supporting our team and clients, facilitating effective communication and streamlining administrative processes with efficiency and professionalism.

Carlos Love


Carlos Love, CFO of Smart Business Solutions, is a financial maestro overseeing our comprehensive services—tax preparation, accounting, insurance, legal aid, notary public, and SBS Credit Services. With precision and strategic acumen, Carlos ensures the financial integrity and success of our clients and the company. His commitment to excellence solidifies Smart Business Solutions as a trusted partner for individuals and businesses navigating their financial landscapes.

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Linda Square.jpg

Linda Cole

Office Manager 

Linda Cole, Office Manager at Smart Business Solutions, is the mastermind behind our seamless operations, overseeing services like tax preparation, accounting, insurance, legal aid, notary public, and SBS Credit Services. With her organizational prowess and commitment to excellence, Linda plays a crucial role in enhancing the client experience and contributing to the success of our comprehensive financial services.

Katrina Square.jpg

Katrina Wilson

Tax Partner

Meet Katrina Wilson, Tax Partner at Smart Business Solutions. With extensive expertise in tax strategy and compliance, Katrina is dedicated to optimizing financial outcomes for our clients. Her personalized approach and attention to detail ensure thorough and accurate tax planning and preparation. Katrina's proactive guidance empowers clients to navigate complex tax landscapes with confidence and clarity, driving their financial success.

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